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 Map design art.

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PostSubject: Map design art.   Map design art. Icon_minitimeFri Jun 17, 2016 7:24 am

Did anybody ever make maps you thought looked good in the editor artistically. :-) If so it would be nice if you posted the layouts here.

This is the only map I ever made as a replacement for the original Spear of Destiny hell level. It's from Wolf-Extra II, the Nightmare.
In the center there is an evil, literally speaking bloody heart, shaped like a tilted swastika, with the devil himself in the center like a spider in a spider's web.
In each corner there is a demon head or mask positioned differently to make each corner unique. Blood is seeping out from the center to the lower, mouth part of the demon masks.

There are only two wall patterns, the blood wall and the blue skull wall.

There are three ubermutants (you only have to kill the southmost one but it is difficult to avoid being seen by the two others), lots of specters and hordes of mutants.
The SDL version of this map is probably the most difficult map I ever made. With the original DOS version I considered the fact that the specters could be killed if you shot them a sufficient number of times, in the SDL version you can not.

Did anybody ever beat this level, or even play it? If so, did you notice the pattern?

Map design art. Ff
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Map design art.
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